Help me help indie artists...

Hi, my name is Damien Ahuir, my nickname: skooal.

I dedicated my time since 2009 at helping indie artists... free of charge, mainly through crowdfunding campaigns and plugging the right artists together.

I am setting up Blog Me Not for a different purpose than previously intended. Why? Well, my hardware is getting older than what is required to work properly. I have a 12 years old laptop and the rest is not better. This added to the cost of my blog and you get the picture, it is starting to be hard to follow.

So who am I? please visit and it's all there, including testimonials.

Some of the campaigns were:

Check out my credits on imdb >>

My main blog is

Twitter account with 62k + real followers: @skooal

Don't hesitate to contact me HERE if you want to talk to me, I will be glad to do so.

I am hoping to get enough funds to renew my old laptop, tablet and phone + blogging expenses, trips to premieres and festivals... 

every $ counts, every $ counts, every $ counts, every $ counts, every $ counts, every $ counts, every $ counts, every $ counts

Thank you for your time.

Damien Ahuir

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